RELEASED: 02/25/2018
ARTIST: Count Basie and His Orchestra
LABEL: Roulette
PRODUCER: Teddy Reig
The Atomic Mr Basie

The Atomic Mr. Basie (originally called Basie, also known as E=MC2 and reissued in 1994 as The Complete Atomic Mr Basie is a 1958 album by Count Basie and his orchestra. The album is one of Basie’s most famous and is critically acclaimed. Allmusic gave it 5 stars, reviewer Bruce Eder saying “it took Basie’s core audience and a lot of other people by surprise, as a bold, forward-looking statement within the context of a big-band recording.” It is included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, Will Fulford-Jones calling it “Basie’s last great record.” According to it is the 26th most critically acclaimed of the ’50s, the 695th most acclaimed of all time and Basie’s most acclaimed album overall.

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